Below please find information about each assignment through the linked PDFs. Further there is a schedule of assignment due dates.


Please note the following formatting for ALL essay assignments: MLA citation style, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, Name in bottom right corner, Page number in upper right corner, double spaced.

Assignment Descriptions

Comparative Analysis: Comparative Analysis Assignment

Annotations: Annotation 1-6

Digital Archive: Digital Archive Assignment (Media Archaeology Lab Hours)

Research Paper:Individual Research Paper Here are two examples of outlines:detailed-research-paper-outline-example_473869 english-essay-outline-template_309283

Multimodal Presentation:Multimodal Presentation


Assignments Due

January 18th – Annotation 1

January 27th Comparative Analysis Draft 1 due in class

February 1st  – Comparative Analysis Draft 2 due in class

February 2nd – Annotation 2 due at Midnight

February 8th – Comparative Analysis Final Version at Midnight

February 14th – Annotation 3 due at Midnight

February 29th – Digital Archive Draft Due in class

March 6th – Annotation 4 due at Midnight

March 13th – Digital Archive Final Version Due at Midnight

March 16th – Research Paper- Outline & List of References & Introduction due in Class

March 26th – Research Paper Draft 1 due at Midnight Online (due to myself and peers needing 2 days to comment on)

March 30th  – Annotation 5 due at Midnight

April 1st  – Research Paper Draft 2 due in Class

April 11th – Research Paper Final Version due at Midnight

April 8th – Annotation 6 due at Midnight

April 15th – Media Presentations Draft Due in class

April 22th – Media Presentations Final Versions Due in class

April 27th – Media Reflections Draft Due in class

May 2nd – Media Reflections Final Version Due at midnight

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