The Nintendo Wii

101.56 Million Units Shipped Worldwide

The Wii Is for designed for Everyone!


The Nintendo Wii’s Introductory Commercial:


200px-Wii_White                                       wii-remote-controller-1vah-800

(Nintendo Wii)                                                                                  ( Wii Remote)

  •   Dimensions: of the Wii: it measures 44 mm (1.73 in) wide, 157 mm (6.18 in) tall and 215.4 mm (8.48 in) deep in its vertical orientation, slightly larger than three DVD cases stacked together. The Wii has Wi-Fi connectivity, a 512MB internal flash storage capability, and runs on an IBM PowerPC “Broadway” CPU. Weight: 2.65lbs



  • In an effort to rebound from the disappointing sales of the Wii’s predecessor, GameCube, Nintendo started a secret project codenamed: “Revolution”. However, Nintendo made a final last minute adjustment, changing the console’s name to Wii, in order emphasize the inclusive nature of the console.
  • The Wii is a 7th Generation game console, released on November 19th 2006. The Wii’s was created as a response to Nintendo’s competitors Sony and Microsoft, both of whom were launching their 7th generation consoles, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  • The Wii originally launched at $249 and came packed in with Wii Sports. In comparison, its rivals, the Xbox 360 was released at a price point 299$ for just the console or 399$ for a 20 GB internal hard drive, and wireless controller included. Similarly, The Playstation 3 came out with an original price of 499$ for 20GB version.
  • Ultimately the Wii ended up having an extremely lucrative 7-year life span for Nintendo, after being discontinued in 2013.
  •  Wii’s Predecessor, Nintendo GameCube:

images (2)

  • The Wii’s Successor (Announced in 2011), The Wii U:


Wii Features

  • Nintendo Wii is powered by an IBM PowerPC microprocessor.
  • The Wii is the smallest home console to date, weighing in at 2.65lbs.
  • Nintendo Wii is backwards compatible with its predecessor the Nintendo Game Cube.
  • Internet connectivity as well as  Wifi and bluetooth.
  • Supports 480p Resolution. (No HDMI Input).
  • Motion Control
  • Front facing camera
  • Microphone/Speakers
  • Rumble features
  • Sensor Bar
  • Rechargeable Battery
  •  Can create and personalize avatar called a “Mii”
  • The Wii doesn’t play DVDs.

  • The Wii doesn’t come with the higher-quality component video cables that give you the highest quality video possible. You need to buy a component video cable set as an option.

Cool Facts

  • Highest Selling Game: Wii Sports with 82.69 Million Copies sold.
  • Second Highest Selling Game: Mario Kart Wii with 36.38 Million copies sold.
  • The spelling of “Wii” is significant! The two letter “I”s in the spelling are supposed to represent two gamers playing together. Emphasizing the inclusive nature that the Nintendo was trying to capture with the Wii.


Contemporary Issues

  • Nintendo assumed they had to ‘Dumb down’ the console down in comparison to it’s console rivals in order to get girls to play video games.
  • A significant portion of Nintendo’s storyline games have similar theme stereotypical theme of ‘Saving The Princess’
  • The Iconic Nintendo Game ‘ Super Smash Brothers’ new portrayal of an old female Character “Samus”, is sexist. Gave her smaller waist, bigger boobs, skin tight clothing, and heels, in Nintendo Wii version. In the older version such as GameCube and N-64 Samus was much more conservative, less barbie like.
  • The controller is built like a TV remote with the assumption that traditional remotes like the Xbox and Playstation would be too big, and complicated for women’s hands.

Full Review of The Wii By Cnet:


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