January 13: Introduction to New Media and Rhetoric

January 15: Comparative Analysis

January 20:3020 0826

January 22:intro to what civic engagement is

January 25:Diction and Tonality

January 27:

January 29:Essay Structure

Feb 3:feb 3

Feb 5:Integration & Language

Feb 8:Feb 8

Feb 10:Reading Writing Interfaces

Feb 12:chapter 2 emerson

Feb 15:Introductions and Scaffolding

Feb 17: None

Feb 19: None

Feb 22:Digital Rhetoric

Feb 24: None

Feb 26:Digital Composition

Feb 29: None

Mar 2:research q nd lit review

Mar 4:march 4

Mar 7: mar7

Mar 10: assumptions and reason

Mar 14: ss (social science essay format)

Mar 30:visual rhetoric

Apr 6:review of papers

Apr 8: (using images) images

Apr 11: slides

Apr 14:guide to editing

Apr 18:Editing today

Apr 20:personal reflection



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